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On wishing her goodbye

'On wishing her goodbye' was a resounding success with 72 bunting flags received for the project from around the UK. These were made up into strings of bunting and used to adorn the bandstand in Ellington Park at the first Resting Place event on 23rd April 2014.

We were overwhelmed by the thought that went in to the design and making of the flags and the moving messages written on them, many of which seemed to have a personal significance to the sender.

Lead artist, Dawn Cole is now busy making the bunting into books that will act as a permanent record of the project. There will be 8 books in total, each containing 8 flags and each having its own storage box. Each book is bound so they can be looked at like a traditional book but also open up to form an octagon, referencing the shape of the bandstand on which they hung. Each series can also be removed from the covers and displayed as bunting again.

It has taken Dawn sometime to work out the design but they are now in full production. A few photographs of the first book can be seen on the gallery page here.

More photographs will be added as each book is completed

With thanks to everyone who contributed and spent time on making bunting

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