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Making movement for Resting Place

I was immediately intrigued by the world of words, images, artifacts and unspoken events that frame Resting Place. Clarice Spratlings diary, the archive and Dawn’s work in response to it are such a rich source, and I am honoured and excited to become a part of it as movement director. The work, as almost always, begins with first gut-instinct responses to the material, initiating a time of research and delving, senses wide open to everything that resonates with Clarice’s world.

With my collaborator, Niamh Lynam-Cotter, I will start exploring Clarice’s words and the spaces between them. With each of her entries, more questions are raised than answers given. Everday actions reverberate with the wider sociohistorical context of emancipation, colonialism, war, death, absence and longing. What do you document for those who come after you? What do you lay to rest?

Roanna Mitchell PhD

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