One Week To Go: Actor Harry Vendryes

I see the Ramsgate to Charing X performance as a flowing shape. Not the usual rainbow text, where specific words jump out at me in dedicated colours.

The gentle oscilloscopic curve of a solid white stripe, against an impenetrable black background. It is graceful and slowly varies (pulses) in width. This flat-lines once on-board the train, and as thetrain arrives at Charing X, the flat-line spins and circles down into a dot. Both Niamh and I perform around that dot, until I leave, with no idea as to her fate.Ultimately, it's just a bloke reading words. No one will care for any more than that. I understand. But in my mind a shape has been painted. I don't really care about the words.

Harry Vendryes (Voice of the diary)

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