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22nd August 2015: Website completely updated with all stage one events and artworks

25th September 2014: Beautiful Resting Place rehearsal in advance of Sunday’s performance at 5pm on Folkestone Seafront [click]

20th September 2014: Video of Charing Cross performance, filmed and edited by Fae Harmer, soundscape of moving train by Nathan Harmer, voice Harry Vendryes and performer Niamh Lynam-Cotter, installation of pillowcases Dawn Cole

11th September 2014: Posters for Folkestone event, the third Resting Place intervention in the series, ready for distribution [click to view]

4th September 2014: British Library have deemed lead artist Dawn Cole's website as an important asset to archive for the nation.

3rd September 2014: British Library will be archiving the Resting Place website for posterity,

10th July: New Resting Place business cards arrive

6th July: Resting Place invited to put up a temporary exhibition at Ellington Park WW1 Centenary event on Sun 13th July

4th July: Dawn Cole and Platform-7 meet with Diane Dever from Folkestone Fringe to discuss the site and use of their facilities for tea and cake event on Sept 28th

4th July: Dawn Cole and Platform-7 meet with Stepshort to discuss Resting Place. Extremely positive response

12th June: Folkestone Fringe offer to host afternoon tea event at Folkestone event on 28th Sept

11th June: Folkestone Harbour give go ahead to use location for Resting Place on 28th September 2014 [view location]

4th June: Dawn Cole receives email regarding the story behind the hospital photograph used for Resting Place

1st June 2014: Debrief meeting with full team - everyone happy the way the project is progressing

30th May 2014: Watch the Charing Cross film here

21st May 2014: Listen to the ambisonic sounds of the train and train installation piece here

17th May 2014: View pictures from Charing Cross, train and Ramsgate event here

10th May 2014: Big audience at Charing Cross station and events all well received

4th May 2014: Final rehearsals for Charing Cross performance take place.

3rd May 2014: Full details of the train from Ramsgate to London [Here]

3rd May 2014: How to buy tickets for train journey [Here]

25th April 2014: Ellington Park movement blog post by Roanna Mitchell [click]

24th April 2014: Fantastic film capturing the Silence of Knitting, the prelude to the RP Bunting call, from last November's 'Silent Cacophony'. Will be uploaded soon with blog post.

24th April 2014: Actor Harry Vendryes reflects [click]

24th April 2014: Resting Place website fully updated with new video page and updated gallery

23rd April 2014: Another wonderful poster by Type & Numbers for Charing Cross train station digital screens [click]

23rd April 2014: Dawn Cole reflects on 'Wishing Her Goodbye' [click]

22nd April 2014: Dawn Cole and Roanna Mitchell confirmed to speak at 'Spaces of Memory and Performance' International Colloquium, UEL London in June 2014.

22nd April 2014: Risk assessment and running schedules completed for Charing Cross performance

21st April 2014: Dawn Cole and Roanna Mitchell confirmed to speak at 'Spaces of Memory' International Colloquium, UEL London in June 2014.

17th April 2014: Fae Harmer creates draft of second film for Charing Cross event

16th April 2014: Good meeting with Southeastern & Network Rail at Charing Cross to discuss station event on 10th May 2014

15th April 2014: Dawn Cole's progresses well with Bunting Books that are looking stunning

14th April 2014: Nathan Harmer provides outline of train soundscape

10th April 2014: Ellington Park country dancing blog post by Roanna Mitchell [click]

9th April 2014: exciting meeting at Quex House — what a special space for 2016!

6th April 2014: Oddly compelling and relaxing film of the train journey from Waterloo East to Dartford from the drivers eye view [click to see on YouTube]

5th April 2014: Productive rehearsal weekend developing the movement for Charing Cross Station. Basic structure and logistics are almost clear

3rd April 2014: Fantastic day recording the magnetic and ambient sound and filming of a moving train for sound and film installation for Resting Place. A huge thanks to Southeastern Railways for organising access to the cab and to Paul for driving us from Dartford to Charing Cross and back again. Exciting sound footage and sound to come.

2nd April 2014: Dawn Cole discusses and performs Silence of Knitting, from the 2013 Silent Cacophony, the prelude to the bunting project at Ellington at Southampton university as part of In the Loop

27th March: We Have A Train! Southeastern Railways have provided a fully operational train for Resting Place on May 10th, from Ramsgate to Charing Cross where a performance will take place on the concourse

25th March 2014: Dawn Cole discusses her feelings and throughts about the first Resting Place performance in Ellington Park [ click ]

22nd March 2014: Ageing nicely. This is not the original diary, but a nice new book Dawn gave me last Sunday. Words are printed inside. She took every page apart, printed, then restitched with thread. Patina is all my own work. Harry Vendryes [view]

24th March: Great turnout despite terrible weather for first Resting Place event in Ellington Park yesterday with three times our expected audience [Thanet Gazette photo]21st March 2014: Full page article in Thanet Gazette [read]21st March 2014: Network Rail offer to display poster of next event on screens at Charing Cross station

21st March 2014: Radio mic test successful

21st March 2014: Full page article in Thanet Gazette [read]

21st March 2014: Network Rail offer to display poster of next event on screens at London Charing Cross train station

21st March 2014: Reward Gateway provide two excellent professional lapel microphones for Sunday's event as support

16th March 2014: Beautiful rehearsal at Ellington Park, Ramsgate in preparation for Resting Place next Sunday, 23rd March from 3pm.

14th March 2014: Meeting with Southeastern Trains to discuss the potential of two trains for Resting Place project. Warmly received and, with Visit Kent, will do all they can to make the project happen. Entire Resting Place team very excited.

13th March 2014: Press Release for Ellington Park [DOWNLOAD HERE]

12th March 2014: Posters and flyers for Resting Place ready for distribution, get in touch if you require some.26th February 2014: Fae Harmer creates stunning promo video for Resting Place [click]

25th February 2014: Type & Numbers Daniel Crawford creates an incredible new title header design for Resting Place and a beautiful Resting Place wreath.

20th February 2014: Powell Cotton Quex Museum indicate desire for performance in 2016

17th February 2014: Charing Cross Hotel warm to the idea of hotel being used as location for May 10th performance

13th February 2014: First two country dances for Ellington Park set. Roanna Mitchell

11th February 2014: Network Rail agree to allow performance within station on May 10th

11th February 2014: RP Team meeting in Central London

31st January 2014: Final movement sequence for Ellington Park set. Roanna Mitchell

25th January 2014: First rehearsal with full production team on location at Ellington Park.

14th January 2014: Southeastern Railways willing to allow use of Charing Cross subject to Network Rail approval. Discussion of using train also discussed.

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