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Actor Harry Vendryes Reflects

Have been quietly observing this blog. Every day I refresh to check recent happenings. Being the voice to this amazing event, I feel as if I’m the last segment to be placed… and I do actually think of this event as a layer cake; each person with their own distinct personality and stamp. The ideas keep on coming. It’s impressive. However, all that ever runs through my head is, ‘It’s a feeling, a feeling’. Ultimately, it’ll be Niamh and myself who’ll take all of YOUR slog, paperwork, organization and creativity, and then present it as something to be absorbed by the public.

Another weird thought: I like the fact that I know almost nothing about Niamh, and that we’ve barely spoken more than a few words to each other. The less I know, the more genuine it feels to me. At Ellington Park I saw her as ephemeral, distant and almost ghost like. In my mind it becomes believable. This is where all my thought goes. The practicalities I have perhaps selfishly left to others. Probably because I don’t want to be that cook who made it too many.

Any concerns I have will be to do with real world practicalities. Will I remember to turn right/left, do this, do that, move now etc? Will I accidentally pull the lever that decouples the carriage (just a joke folks)? There is no ‘enter stage left’ here. We’re performing in a vacuum, with no correct orientation for up or down.

I do have a fear of being overwhelmed by all that tonnage of steel. John, remember how I made such a big deal about the tonnes of stage lighting at the Lyceum Theatre? Same here. Heavy machinery and delicate words are at opposite ends of my spectrum. Mixing the two together makes me uncomfortable and sad (can’t explain why).

I’m afraid that I can’t explain everything in words. Sometimes you just can’t…IT’S A FEELINGTrivia: I don’t have Twitter, Facebook, a blog or any of that stuff. Don’t understand any of it.

Harry Vendryes

Harry is an actor living in London and is the voice of Clarice throughout Resting Place, you can find out more about Harry by visiting Nancy Hudson Associates

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