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Ellington Park: Comments

The first Resting Place performance event took place on 23rd March 2014. The weather could have been better, very cold and blustery and a short shower of rain just as the performance was about to begin. However, that did not deter around 150 people from coming along to watch.

Here are some of the comments we received after the event:

‘Resting Place was beautiful and moving’

‘Thank you for Resting Place. I’ve learnt so much about the VAD Nurses from this’

Ellington Park old photoI would just like to repeat what I have said on the Friends' Facebook wall already, that we were so pleased with how the first performance of Resting Place went yesterday. I think the turnout was great considering the weather wasn't all that clement at times and a number of people I have spoken to really enjoyed themselves.We're all looking forward to following the Project's progress and wish you all the best with it.

Christopher Max Scutt

Friends of Ellington Park Communications Team

Photographs will be added to the website very soon

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